don't blame the DJ, it's the playlist.
Expectation of Tao: Mysterious, badass wushu-practicing maknae who will kick your ass
Reality: Aegyo-master who is forever cute, awkward and a crybaby. Also eats the most.
Expectation of D.O.: Sexy lead singer with the sexiest voice
Reality: Forever confused
Expectation of Luhan: Adorable, pretty, sweet and must logically be one of the youngest members
Reality: Adorable, pretty, sweet and is one of the oldest members. Also the laziest lol.
Expectation of Kai: Lead dancer who is also the face of the group, therefore must be extremely cool
Reality: Dork whose failed attempts at aegyo are forever endearing
Expectation of Chanyeol: Cute-faced therefore must be sweet and squishable
Reality: Deep-voiced rapper, dorky and has the most epic (and slightly creepy) face 80% of the time
Expectation of Kris: Clearly badass, extremely tall, sexy, handsome man
Reality: Unexpectedly cuuuuuuuuuuute ;A;
Expectation of Se Hun: Cool, sexy dancer who appears cold. They can never convince me you're the maknae.
Reality: Forever awkward and loveable, I see why you are the maknae OTL
Expectation of Xiumin: Adorable squishy cheeks and sexy smile omg
Reality: dshjfghdfgjhdjhsg can I squish your cheeks now you adorable person you
Me: Why do they even bother with all these cool/badass concepts anymore OTLlll



don't blame the DJ, it's the playlist.
— Где-то я прочёл об одной планете в седьмом измерении, которую использовали как бильярдный шар в каком-то межгалактическом баре. Так вот, этот шар загнали в лузу, а лузой служила чёрная дыра. Погибло десять миллиардов разумных существ.
— С ума сойти! — ужаснулась Мелла.
— Зато этот удар принёс тридцать очков, — заметил Форд.



don't blame the DJ, it's the playlist.
я нарисую на асфальте небо.и пусть ползают птицы.